Somewhere in Alaska

This game is prototype.. you are somewhere in Alaska. Collect all the firewoods you find, and bring it to cottage.  Look out bears and weak ice, and don't let the fire burn out...

How to play

  1. Cut tree (Hold up arrow key when players collapse with tree)
  2. Pick it up (Press up arrow key when player collapse with cutted down tree)
  3. Bring it to cottage
  4. Do it again
  5. (You can drop tree by pressing arrow down)


  • Arrow up : Use axe / pick up firewood / little jump
  • Arrow down: Drop any firewood
  • Left and right arrow: Move
  • Enter: Skip text

Development log


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Is the game broken? All I can do is move my legs but not get anywhere

I check this for next update, maybe you forgot press enter when game starts and text shows? But ill check :)

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I think legs are fixed now...